CD Title: 220 Volt Live


Released in: 1993 Miramar Recordings


Distributed by: Miramar Recordings


Number of Songs: 11


My personal rating: 90






The CD is actually a companion for the Video titled Three Phase, also available from Miramar Recordings, in both VHS and Laserdisc formats. The music contained on this CD was recorded in 1992 as part of the 1992 Tangerine Dream North American Tour. As you can expect with a title with the word volt in it, the music that comes with this CD gives you a bolt of energy when you listen to it because of the rhythm and beat of the music contained.


The songs contained on this CD are:


Track 1        Oriental Haze


Track 2        Two Bunch Palms


Track 3        220 Volt


Track 4        Homeless


Track 5        Sundance Kid


Track 6        Backstreet Hero


Track 7        The Blue Bridge


Track 8        Hamlet


Track 9        Dreamtime


Track 10      Purple Haze


Track 11      Treasure of Innocence