CD Title: Encore Live



Released in: 1977 Virgin Records



Number of Songs: 5



My personal rating: 85







This CD was taken from concerts that took place in 1977 from such cities as Los Angeles, Cleveland, Washington and New York. This CD was the last Tangerine Dream CD to include Peter Baumann as he left the group to begin to pursue his own solo career. He was later to be replaced by Johannes Schmoelling, who was an organist and a sampling expert.


Schmoelling’s influence would later appear in such CDs as White Eagle, Logos and Hyperborea. While Tadream at the time was really getting involved in the high tech world of computers and soundtracks, this CD was still able to put music from the Pink Years quite nicely into their concerts and would able to do so up until the last Virgin CD release which was titled Hyperborea.


The songs on the CD are:


Track 1        Encore – Tangerine Dream Live 1977


Track 2        Cherokee Lane


Track 3        Monolight


Track 4        Coldwater Canyon


Track 5        Desert Dream