CD Title: Hyperborea



Released in: 1983 Virgin Records Ltd.



Number of Songs: 5



My personal rating: 85





This was the last album that Tangerine Dream ever did for Virgin Records. Recordedin the studio back in August of 1983, this CD began the transition from an experimental rock band to the classic Tangerine Dream mix that Tadream would later be known for. The title itself, Hyperborea, is actually a tribute to the mythological land that went beyond the cold North wind which was kinded to be an earthly paradise of eternal sunshine.


Johannes Schmoelling’s influence can really be felt in this CD as Tangerine Dream was using next generation digital synthesizers and sampling technology to begin to produce the better part of their music. If you want to have a CD where you can begin to see the transition of Tangerine Dream, this is the CD to buy.


The names of the songs on the CD are:


Track 1        Hyperborea


Track 2        No Man’s Land


Track 3        Hyperborea


Track 4        Cinnamon Road


Track 5        Sphinx Lightning