CD Title: Legend



Released in: 1985 Universal City Studios


Distributed by: UNI Distribution Corp.


Number of Songs: 11


My personal rating: 84






The official soundtrack for the movie “Legend” which starred Tom Cruise, the movie had some great music and beautiful scenary. Some of the music appears on this CD and while the movie wasn’t all that great as far as movies go, the music was very enjoyable. I would recommend this CD to those who enjoyed the movie but otherwise, there are better Tangerine Dream CDs to collect.


The songs on this CD are:


Track 1        Is your love strong enough?


Track 2        Opening


Track 3        Cottage


Track 4        Unicorn Theme


Track 5        Goblins


Track 6        Fairies


Track 7        Loved by the Sun


Track 8        Blue Room


Track 9        The Dance


Track 10      Darkness


Track 11      The Kitchen / Unicorn Theme Reprise