CD Title: Lily on the Beach

Released in: 1989 Private Inc.

Distributed by: BMG Distribution



Number of Songs: 13




My Personal Rating: 91

This was the 2nd Tangerine Dream CD that I ever bought and next to the Dream Mixes, this is one of my favorite CDs. Next to Canyon Dreams, this is one of the more relaxing CDs in the group. If you need to unwind after a long day at work, I recommend this CD highly.


The songs on the CD are:


Track 1  Too Hot for my Chinchilla


Track 2  Lily on the Beach


Track 3  Alaskan Summer


Track 4  Desert Drive


Track 5  Mount Shasta


Track 6  Crystal Curfew


Track 7  Paradise Cove


Track 8  Twenty-Nine Palms


Track 9  Valley of the Kings


Track 10 Radio City


Track 11 Blue Mango Café


Track 12 Gecko


Track 13 Long Island Sunset