CD Title: Mars Polaris


Released by : TDI Music

Distributed by : TDI Music

Number of Songs: 10

My personal rating: 89

This CD is very interesting in that in a lot of different ways Tangerine Dream has come full circle. Tangerine Dreamís music has changed over the few years and the first few years of the bandís existance, they used to create music that was referred to by some people as ďSpace musicĒ. Basically the music created an image in which you would image a traveller going through space to reach earth.

This CD is not quite like that music but it has a similar motif. The CD contains several pictures of the Martian landscape as taken by the Mars Polar Lander and contains several facts regarding both Mars and the Polar Lander. The music itself is very well done.

The songs on the CD are:

Track 1    Cometís Figure Head

Track 2    Rim of Schiaparelli

Track 3    Pilots of the Ether Belt

Track 4    Deep Space Cruiser

Track 5    Outland (The Colony)

Track 6    Spiral Star Date (Level B)

Track 7    Mars Mission Counter

Track 8    Astrophobia

Track 9    Tharsis Manuever

Track 10    Dies Martis (TransMercury)