CD Title: Oasis

Distributed by: Miramar Recordings

Number of Songs: 9

My personal rating: 90

This CD which is the soundtrack for the movie Oasis has a lot of relaxing, tranquil music. This is the perfect music for when you need to release stress. I haven't seen the movie itself but I understand that it has scenary taken from the Grand Canyon and Tangerine Dream's music plays as you watch the beautiful scenery. The movie is available on both VCR and DVD formats. The music CD contains an extra song that is not included in the movie.

The songs on this CD are:

Track 1    Flashflood

Track 2    Zion

Track 3    Reflections

Track 4    Cliff Dwellers

Track 5    Waterborne

Track 6    Cedar Breaks

Track 7    Summer Storm

Track 8    Hopi Mesa Heart

Track 9    Chia Maroon (Bonus Track)