CD Title: Rockoon



Released in: 1992 Miramar Recordings



Distributed by: Miramar Recordings



Number of Songs: 11


My personal rating: 88



This CD is a good mix of soothing as well as upbeat music. Definitely should be part of any Tangerine Dream fans collection. This CD was about the 4th or 5th Tangerine Dream CD that I ever purchased.


The Songs on the CD are:


Track 1  Big City Dwarves


Track 2  Red Roadster


Track 3  Touchwood


Track 4  Graffiti Street


Track 5  Funky Atlanta


Track 6  Spanish Love


Track 7  Lifted Veil


Track 8  Penguin Reference


Track 9  Body Corporate


Track 10 Rockoon


Track 11 Girls on Broadway