CD Title:   The Dream Mixes


Released in: 1995 Miramar Recordings


Distributed by: BMG Distribution


Number of Songs: 10


My personal rating: 98


This CD is by far and away one of my favorite Tangerine Dream CDs of all time. This CD takes the classic music of Tangerine Dream and supercharges it with a beat that really keeps you hopping. I highly recommend this CD if you want to get your motor started in the morning.

Songs on CD are:


Track 1            Little Blond in the Park of Attractions (The Thai Dub)


Track 2            Rough Embrace


Track 3            Touchwood (The Forest Mix)


Track 4            Jungle Journey (Reptile Mix)


Track 5            Virtually Fields


Track 6            Firetongues (The Break Freak Mix)


Track 7            San Rocco


Track 8            Catwalk (Dress-up Mix)


Track 9            Change of the Gods


Track 10          Bride in Cold Tears (The Motown Monk Mix)