CD Title: The Hollywood Years Volume 1


Released by: TDI Music Inc.


Distributed by: TDI Music Inc


Number of Songs: 15


My Personal Rating: 80





This CD consists of music composed by Tangerine Dream which were meant to be part of a score for a film or movie but never made it for one reason or another. Composed entirely of music written by Edgar and Jerome Froese, this CD is quite enjoyable and worthy of any ones collection.


The songs on the CD are:


Track 1  Q-Time


Track 2  Cat and Snowman


Track 3  Goldhunter


Track 4  Law Paradiso


Track 5  La petite rue noire


Track 6  Propeller beach


Track 7  Autumn in Sonoma


Track 8  Chamber of Hope


Track 9  The quiet gambler


Track 10 The principle source


Track 11 Labeo


Track 12 Escape from Shadowland


Track 13 Chronos mile


Track 14 J.S. Bach Sonata


Track 15 Fairfax