CD Title: The Hollywood Years Volume 2


Released by: TDI Music Inc.


Distributed: TDI Music Inc.


Number of Songs: 15


My personal rating: 83






Similar to The Hollywood Years volume 1 CD, this CD includes songs that did not make it into the score of films and/or movies. A good mix of music, this CD contains a song called Rose of Babylon, which is one of the few songs composed by Tangerine Dream that contains vocals. Vicky McClure performed the vocals.


The songs on the CD are:


Track 1  South Camora


Track 2  Velvet Sun


Track 3  Midas Touch


Track 4  City monk


Track 5  Lava Levin


Track 6  Cool ma bell


Track 7  Dare to change


Track 8  Hall of mirrors


Track 9  Token from birdland


Track 10 In the distant shone


Track 11 3rd Angels gate


Track 12 Silver moon lake


Track 13 Riding the Lizard overland


Track 14 Walking with a Mandarin


Track 15 Rose of Babylon