CD Title: The Private Music of Tangerine Dream

Released in: 1992 Private Inc.


Distributed by: BMG Distribution

Number of Songs: 12


My Personal Rating: 92

This was the very first Tangerine Dream CD that I ever bought and I am so glad that it was first. This CD was supposed to be a one-time purchase since I was just curious as to what kind of music Tangerine Dream made with the help of the Atari ST computers.


I enjoyed the music so much from this CD that I decided to go ahead and buy another one of their CDs. Since then I have purchased several CDs (current count is 43 plus 5 from the Dream Roots Collection). When friends of mine listen to one of my Tangerine Dream CDs for the first time and ask for a suggestion as to which CD to start with, this is the one that I recommend.


The songs on the CD are:


Track 1  Melrose


Track 2  Too Hot for my Chinchilla


Track 3  Long Island Sunset


Track 4  Atlas Eyes


Track 5  Sun Gate


Track 6  Rolling Down Cahuenga


Track 7  Three Bikes in the Sky


Track 8  After the Call


Track 9  Electric Lion


Track 10 Dolls in the Shadow


Track 11 Beaver Town


Track 12 Roaring of the Bliss