CD Title: Transsiberia



Released in: 1998 TDI Music



Distributed by: TDI Music



Number of Songs: 10



My personal rating: 87


This CD is the original soundtrack for the motion picture, Transsiberia. This CD contains really good music and the jacket has some really good pictures of some Russian Points of interest. All the song titles reflect a Russian motif of some kind. Definitely an enjoyable CD for fans of Tangerine Dream.


The Songs included on the CD are:


Track 1        Yaroslaw station


Track 2        Smoky Karlow


Track 3        Siberian Lights


Track 4        Jenissei River


Track 5        Baikal Sunrise


Track 6        Samowar Juri


Track 7        Ulan-Ude


Track 8        Chingan Night


Track 9        Russian Soul


Track 10      The Golden Horn