This section of my web page is dedicated to beginnings of the computer age. I have always marveled at how people have managed to keep some of their old computers still running after all these years and have managed to put their information onto the web.

I remember going to my first Hamboree back in 1990 (This is a local Ham Radio / Computer Show that is conducted on the first Saturday and Sunday in February each year) and seeing a lot of great old computers that still worked. I remember seeing an IBM PC Jr, an Apple Mac like the one pictured above, an Atari 800, Apple Lisa and Commodore 64 computer all at the same show. As the years have passed on, some of these machines begin to no longer function but have programs written to allow them to be emulated to run on more current machines so that people can still experience what the early days of the home computer were like.

I hope to help rekindle of the wonderful memories that us old hackers used to have with working with our early computers. Here are but a few links that I have found. I hope that they bring back memories of a simpler time before the Wintel monopoly took over and stifled innovation.



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Retrocomputing Memoir of a Homebrew Computer Club Member Von Neuman Machines - helping to preserve computer history The Virtual Museum of Computing
The Jefferson Computer Museum The Apollo Guidance Computer - information abou the computers used on the NASA apollo missions ENIAC - 50th Anniversary The Online Software Museum
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