atari cartridge 7

In the image above, you can see my favorite Atari 2600 game. It is Junior PacMan. I just wonder how much money Atari would have made if they had released Junior PacMan instead of the bad conversion of PacMan from the arcades. Don't get me wrong. Atari made a lot of money from the PacMan cartridge but they would have made so much more if the conversion was as good as Junior PacMan.

My second favorite is Ms. Pac-Man but I miss the intermissions between levels. That probably explains why Ms. Pac-Man is my favorite Atari 7800 game since it keeps the intermissions screens.

I also like Dig Dug and I have gotten better at it then when I used to play it at the arcade. Pole Position is ok and so is Jungle Hunt but I prefer the three other games here more.

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