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I was feeling a bit nostalgic the other day and I was wondering whether or not I still had any of my old Atari stuff in my house. While I knew that I had emulators on the computer and some redone classics for the Playstation, I wondered how much of my original Atari items still remained. So I did some looking through my house and managed to find a few items that remained. So here they are above.

Going from left to right, you can see an issue from Atari Age magazine. This is volume 2, Issue 3 with a cover date of September / October 1983. This was a magazine that was put out by Atari which was a sort of fan club that kept kids informed of upcoming products and articles that related to Atari products. Atari Age magazine was put out for only a short time and if you are interested in seeing some other issues, there is an excellent page located at:

In the middle of the above picture, you see 2 books that came with my Atari 800XL computer. Both of them are DOS 3 books. Atari was trying to update their disk system but DOS 3 never caught on since the majority of software released at the time was done in DOS 2. Even though DOS 3 came with a conversation utility to convert DOS 2 programs into DOS 3, it was seldom used. A few years later, someone wrote a program that would convert DOS 3 programs back into DOS 2. Atari did finally update their system with DOS 2.5 a few years later which allowed the then new Atari 1050 disk drives to have a higher capacity. There were also other companies that wrote enhanced versions of DOS for the Atari that were also popular.

The last two times are Atari Timewise -  a time management program that came on floppy and a basic programming book that I found in a used book store.

If you want to see some additional Atari items that I have found, click here .

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