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In the image above, you can see the first set of Atari 7800 cartridges that I currently own. The above cartridges were purchased from Atari Classics which is located at . The cartridges themselves were purchased from Atari before Atari went out of business and then placed in a underground vault where they have been sitting in near mint condition. The cartridges that I received are themselves in mint condition but the boxes that they came in show a bit of wear probably from being stacked on top of each other.

I plan to keep these cartridges in their original boxes in the same condition that I first received them as I have another set of game cartridges that I plan to use to play with. I bidded and won a small set of cartridges from Ebay as well as a working Atari 7800 system to play them on. Thank goodness for sites like AtariAge that showed me how to connect the older game systems to modern cable ready TVs. Without their wonderful "how to" section, I would have never learned how to connect the Atari 7800 to my TV or how to best store the loose cartridges that I have ( I have about 80 loose cartridges at this time and the list is growing!)

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