atari cartridge 2

In the image above, you can see my favorite of all the Atari 7800 cartridges. It is Ms. Pac-Man. This version is very good and very close to the quality of the original arcade game. It even has the Intermissions! I have the arcade version from one of my Namco CDs for the Playstation and the Atari 7800 version is very close to it.

Donkey Kong is also very faithful to the original arcade. Now if only I was good at it! :(

Donkey Kong Jr. however is not very good. I have a difficult time with the controls and I don't really enjoy the game. Also graphically I think it could have been better.

The unique cartridge in this picture is Meltdown. At the time that I placed my order, it was supposed to be out of stock. I therefore did not order it. I placed my order for 33 cartridges (both 7800 and 2600) yet somehow wound up with 34 since Meltdown was included.

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