This section of my web page is devoted to my favorite musical group, Tangerine Dream.  I will slowly add to this page as time permits so keep coming back for more.


My Introduction to Tangerine Dream

My Album Collection

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How to Contact Tangerine Dream Directly

My Introduction to Tangerine Dream

I first found out about Tangerine Dream from an article in one of my Atari computer magazines (I don't remember anymore if the article appeared in either Antic Magazine or if it appeared in STart Magazine). The article was about the group and their use of Atari ST computers to assist them with the creation of their music. It was an interesting article and I remembered the name of the group. Back in 1993, I got my first CD player and I wanted to listen to their music as a novelty since I remembered them from the article that had been published several years earlier. I wanted to listen to one of their CDs just to see what kind of music they created with the assistance of an Atari ST computer. I expected to just buy one of their CDs and that was going to be it. Little did I know that I was going to enjoy that first CD so much that I decided to buy even more of them. Today, I buy just about any CD I can get my hands on so long as Tangerine Dream is on it. For those curious as to which CD it was that I first purchased, the title of the CD was "The Private Music of Tangerine Dream".

While I still listen to the actual CDs from time to time, I have actually turned just about all my CDs in MP3s and I use Music Match to keep track of all the songs and albums from which they came from. Music Match is an excellent program that works as a database, MP3 creater and can take MP3s and turn them into Audio CDs. It logs into the CD database on the internet and gets the track info for you. I no longer need to enter the song titles or album like I used to with the Windows CD player.

If you wish to to see the pictures of all the albums that I currently own, go to the My Album Collection.

My Album Collection

This section of the web page includes links to the pictures of all the albums that I currently own. Since I don't currently have a scanner, I borrow a scanner from a friend of mine and slowly add to the list. It takes time to obtain the pictures, shrink them to a smaller size, and create a 256 color image to keep the files small enough for viewing. Because of all the work involved, I am slowly adding pictures as I go along.  Keep coming back to see what new albums have been added.  Ok then here we go! :)

    1.    The Dream Mixes

    2.    Miracle Mile

    3.    Lily on the Beach

    4    The Private Music of Tangerine Dream

    5.    Canyon Dreams

    6.    Turn of the Tides

    7.    Atlantic Bridges

    8.    The Dream Mixes II

    9.    Tyranny of Beauty

    10.    Rockoon

    11.    The Hollywood Years Volume 1

    12.    The Hollywood Years Volume 2

    13.  Transsiberia

    14.    Goblins' Club

    15.    220 Volt Live

    16.    Architecture in Motion

    17.    Encore Live

    18.    Hyperborea

    19.    Legend

    20.    Mars Polaris

    21.    Oasis

    22.    Optical Race

    23.    Phaedra

    24.    Sorcerer

    25.    The Best of Tangerine Dream - The Blue Years

    26.    Tournado Live

    27.    Tyger

    28.    White Eagle

Other Tangerine Dream Sites

These are some of the links that I have found with pages dedicated to Tangerine Dream. If you happen to find a link that is no longer active, please email me at

Coming soon!

Contacting Tangerine Dream Directly

Tangerine Dream can be contacted directly by visiting their official website which is located at:

You can also contact Tangerine Dream via snail mail. The address is: 

Tangerine Dream Int. Management
c/o Tadream Production
P.O. Box 30 33 40
10728 Berlin
Phone:     +49-30-211 46 88
Fax:        +49-30-213 65 90 

You can also keep track of Tangerine Dream's various projects in a magazine called Beyond the Horizon. This magazine is
distributed on a quarterly basis by Horizon Music. If you require addition information, you can send a self-addressed
stamp envelope to: 

Horizon Music
P.O. Box 505
Glasco, NY 12432